Sign Up: Type in and go to the website, go to sign in and add your birthday, then create your user & password, and pick your gender and then press Sign Up to have your own account.

Home Page: Once your in your home page you can now pick any games you want to play. But before you play, you have to open the file and press run to have a icon, so it allows you play on creators game.

How to control your character in computer:

My example of the game: Here’s a example of one of my games that I play the most. Creatures of Sonaria is a survival game that you can play as any creature that you want to be; each creature has their own features of the sky, sea, and land in their own size, all kinds of creature can be toxic, non-bleeder, or semi aquatic. If you survive long enough, you earn 5 points of shoom that is a price point; you can use it to buy any creatures you want, but it will choose for you randomly. In this game it's still uploading some new creatures that it will be in the game.

Example creatures: My top creatures:

Game plan: How to win the game: To win the game, you must survive and stay alive in the game to get some hundred points; if you survive in 20 days you will receive a new creature for free. In order to survive, you must: